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About Midland Funding and
Midland Credit Management

Midland Funding has partnered with MCM to service your account. If you’ve seen Midland Funding on your credit report or received a letter or phone call, MCM can help.

About Midland Funding

Who is Midland Funding?

Midland Funding, LLC is a purchaser of unpaid debt, including credit cards, personal loans, and other debts. Midland Funding buys accounts when a company decides to sell the unpaid account rather than continue collection efforts. Midland Funding, LLC purchases accounts with an unpaid balance when:

  • An account has gone at least 180 days without making a payment, or
  • Someone paid less than the minimum monthly payment for at least 180 days, and
  • The original creditor wishes to sell the right to collect on the account balance.

Why does Midland Funding appear on my credit report?

When an account is charged-off, it generally remains on your credit report for seven years from the date you originally went delinquent. When an account is sold, the original account may be updated on the credit report to show it was transferred to a new owner, or the original creditor may choose to delete their reporting. Midland Funding appears on your credit report because it is the owner of your charged-off account, but the seven-year reporting period continues to be calculated from the date your account went delinquent with the original creditor.

Per our policy, we stop credit reporting on accounts that are Paid in Full or Paid in Full for less than the full balance. For more information visit Midland Credit Management Inc. (MCM) credit reporting page.

To find out how you can resolve this obligation call the servicer of your account, MCM, at (877) 653-4161.

Does Midland Funding resell accounts?

Midland Funding shares the same Consumer Bill of Rights as our sister company, MCM, who services accounts on our behalf. According to our Consumer Bill of Rights, accounts are never resold, but they may be transferred back to the original creditor in certain circumstances.

About Midland Credit Management

Who is Midland Credit Management (MCM)?

Midland Credit Management, Inc. (MCM) is a debt buyer and debt collector. MCM created the industry’s first and only Consumer Bill of Rights. MCM believes in:

  • Collecting debt ethically
  • Offering a variety of tools to help consumers
  • Providing access to education and outside resources
  • Giving consumers flexible options to repay, including payment plans with a discount.

What’s the difference between Midland Funding and MCM?

Midland Funding, LLC, buys past-due debt, but does not service the accounts it purchases. Midland Credit Management, Inc. (MCM) also buys past-due debt, but unlike Midland Funding, MCM is a debt collector that services accounts as well. MCM services accounts on behalf of Midland Funding, LLC and other affiliate companies. MCM believes in helping consumers find their way back to financial stability. Midland Credit Management understands unpaid debt can cause stress, and MCM can help.

Can I work with the original company with whom this debt was created?

No, you cannot continue to work with the original company. Your account is no longer owned or serviced by the original creditor. All payments and questions need to go through Midland Credit Management, Inc. (MCM). MCM has helped over 7 million consumers gain control of their financial obligations.

Why am I working with MCM instead of Midland Funding?

Midland Funding, LLC does not service accounts. Midland Credit Management, Inc. (MCM), a debt collection company, services accounts on behalf of Midland Funding, LLC. MCM is dedicated to helping consumers find their way back to financial stability. Financial stability helps relieve the stress that can come with unpaid debt.

Is Midland Funding on your Credit Report?

Midland Credit Management is servicing your account.
Log into the MCM website to get your account history and details, plus flexible payment options – no account number needed.

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